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Adventure Ted (Posable Plush)

Adventure Ted (Posable Plush)

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Adventure Ted is always encouraging us to see the adventure in all that we do—with Ted by your side, this is easier than ever! Purchase this posable plush of Ted for the perfect adventure companion who will stick by you through life's ups, downs, and upside downs!

*Purchases of this item are direct donations to Childhood Cancer Society (CCS), a 501(C)(3) nonprofit. Funds are directly allocated to the Wish Grant Fund, which allows CCS to fulfill exciting wish grants for families battling childhood cancer. Follow @AdventureTed.Official on Instagram to watch your donations in action, putting smiles on the faces of families battling childhood cancer.

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Childhood Cancer Society

  • Helping Families

    We're here to help families who are struggling with childhood cancer.

  • Granting Wishes

    Our wish grant program brings the spark and joy of adventure to all the children we help.

  • Inspiring Hope

    Adventure Ted, the spokes-bear of CCS inspires hope through his adventures with his friends.